Thursday, July 2, 2015

Camping in the North Country

We are off, or will be soon. 

The boys have decided to get out of the city. I have decided to depart the country for even greater country. We will throw our stuff into a truck, drive furiously at breakneck speeds due North and then double the distance South, only to set off fireworks in the forest around or after midnight. I will be bringing my backpack from the two recent Dead shows, so who knows what mischievousness we'll find in there. 

I know.

It's not the mischief that you might guess, or hope for, it's only a few loose well-thumbed pamphlets on anarchism and a picture of Emma Goldman framed in golden tinsel, just in case we become aroused at the curiosities of nature; the siting of a beaver, a wayward platypus. 

Or, the fresh sting of beaver and a face of wayful plat-a-puss.

Only yesterday I mentioned wanting some new adventures in life. 

So, be careful what you witch for.


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